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Our mission at RenderDefense is to provide the security your company requires with a dedication to quality and a desire to see our clients flourish. We aim to deliver specialized solutions that safeguard your digital assets, thus allowing you to focus on what you do best.

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Hello, my name is Larnel Hight, and I’m the driving force behind RenderDefense. With over 25 years of varied expertise in the field of information technology, I’ve developed a thorough understanding of network security and the techniques required to defend enterprises in the digital age.

Throughout my career, I’ve enjoyed positions such as Security and Network Engineer, Network and Telecom Manager in charge of 125 remote networks nationwide, and Enterprise Architect for a Fortune 300 company. My most recent project was leading the development of a complete cybersecurity curriculum at a university, thus molding the future of cybersecurity for a new generation.

In addition to my corporate roles, I’m the proud owner of RenderDefense – a cybersecurity consulting firm that has been providing bespoke solutions for the past five years. My diverse background has given me a unique perspective on how organizations can best protect their data, intellectual property, and most critically, their operations.

My goal at RenderDefense is to provide your company with robust, dependable, and timely cybersecurity solutions. I offer a wide range of services, including cybersecurity consultation, audits, training and workshops, incident response, cybersecurity program building, and advice on securing your intellectual property and assets.

Using a combination of my skills and your unique company demands, I seek to build an impermeable shield around your digital assets, ensuring your business continues to prosper in a safe and secure environment. Welcome to RenderDefense, where we prioritize your digital security.

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Larnel Hight

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